press release 2002

The Brewster Project
July 27 - 28, 2002
Brewster, New York
Opening Saturday, July 27, at Jack & Jill's Pool Hall at 8 pm

The Brewster Project 2002, the second annual collaboration between the Village of Brewster and curators and artists from New York City and Brewster alike, will take place over the weekend of July 27-28. The organizers have invited fourteen curators who in turn have selected over seventy artists to mount innovative works in public sites throughout the Village of Brewster. Many artists have researched Brewster’s social and cultural make-up, history, and architectural landscape in order to create new work in all media. The works will be located in shops, alleyways, abandoned storefronts, historic homes, delis, bars, restaurants, cafés, parking lots, churches, the public library, historical museum, train station, and at the veteran’s memorial. A location map and project descriptions will be available at the Brewster train station and the Southeast Museum.

The Village of Brewster, a slice of rural Americana, is many things to many people: the source at which New York City’s water reserves originate; a hub where Manhattan commuters converge; home to a large community of Central American migrant workers; and the site of American lore—P.T. Barnum’s first traveling circus and The Borden Condensed Milk factory have an historical presence. All of the above provide artists with a rich tapestry of material—from the arcane to larger economic and political issues—from which to work.

New features to this year’s Brewster Project include the presence of film, the international background of many participants, and the inclusion of local Brewster curators and artists.  Highlights include Cinema Tropical, a roaming Latin American film festival that will present a selection of popular Mexican and Chilean films; the unveiling of local artist Michael Keropian’s sculpture of Brewster Mayor John Cesar’s head; a plane flying over Brewster spelling out “Field of Dreams” Saturday afternoon by Warren Neidich; a photographic archive of the Village by Tara Fracolossi; Pan Xing Lei’s recreation of and performance with a Han Dynasty life-size horse sculpture; Matthew Buckingham’s interactive project with residents about their favorite books; a magazine created especially for Brewster by Dutch artist Peter Spaans; as well as projects involving architectural interventions, painting, performances, photography and video projections.
ORGANIZERS: Regine Basha, Christopher K. Ho, Omar Lopez-Chahou

CURATORS: Atteqa Ali, Koan Jeff Baysa, A.S. Bessa (Female/Trouble), Cinema Tropical, Paul Clay, Jessica Hough, Paul Laster (New York Stories), Alison Levy (Replacement), Sara Reisman, Karen Roff, Mari Spirito, William Stover, Naomi Urabe, Joseph R. Wolin

ARTISTS: Aysha Adil, Munawar Ali, Remy Amezcua, Ian Arnold, Benton C. Bainbridge, Lawrence Beck, Matthew Buckingham, Karin Campbell, David Cabrera, Rene Antonio Cea, Top Changtrakul, Fritz Chesnut, Seong Chun, Guillaume Clave, Drew Cliness, Kim Connerton, Maureen Connor, Michael Darby, Willyum Delirious, Linda Dennis, Emma Dewing, Vincent Dion, Mary Dwyer, Nicole Engelman and Diana Shpungin, Trish Feer, Oscar Camilo de las Flores, Tara Fracalossi, Missy Galore, Andro Genious, Shahana Ghulam, Wade Guyton, Joe Hamersky, Rachel Heinold, Jill Henderson, Perry Hu, Chris Jordan, Colin Keefe, Michael Keropian, Karen King, Tatiana Kronberg, Thomas Lail, Pan Xing Lei, Bibiana Huang and Frank Matheis, Adia Millett, Adam Mitchell and Sharron Nakazato, Lisa Mordhorst, Huma Mulji, Warren Neidich, Trong Gia Nguyen, Olu Oguibe, David Phillips and Paul Rowley, Ben Pranger, Mauro Restiffe, Omar Rodrigus, Margaret Roleke, Sebastian Romo, Raphy Sarkissian, Pallas Scot, Gedi Sibony, Amie Siegel, Peter Spaans, Yukiko Takagi, Patricia Thornley, Saneta de Vuono-powell (with Leigh Garret and Katie Workum), William Wallace, James Walsh, Karen Yasinsky, Bryan Zanisnik.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS: The Municipal Corporation of the Village of Brewster, the Putnam County Arts Council, Mayor John Cesar, the Coalition for a Better Brewster, Artists Space, the Canadian Consulate General of New York, Michael Steinberg, Phil Goetz, Sara E. Stemen, PAJ, The Nimham Times, The Slipper Room (James Habacker & Douglas Gillock), Laura Watt & Clark Thompson, Katharina Garrelt, Linda Park, Pabla Ugarte, Veronica Trenes, and the people and residents of Brewster. THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE, IN PART, BY A GRANT FROM THE DECENTRALIZATION PROGRAM OF THE NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS.  IN PUTNAM COUNTY, THE DECENTRALIZATION PROGRAM IS ADMINISTERED BY THE PUTNAM ARTS COUNCIL.